Beginner vaping tips from a beginner vaper

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I’ll preface this with I’m a beginner myself, been at it a couple of week now but I felt like posting a few things I’ve learned along the way. If anyone wants to contradict me fuck off. Just kidding, be happy to form your own points as I and the other new vapers, are very likely looking forward to hearing tips from the pros.

Let’s start together with your equipment.


I Highly suggest getting a high capacity battery (or several of the smaller batteries/mods) to start out with. I made the error of getting the littlest evod (650mah) and that i find myself charging it almost more often than vaping. Recomended starter battery/mod is that the Eleaf iStick.


Avoid plastics and disposable tanks. Plastics can crack from certain juices and disposables are money down the drain. they will also leech chemicals (BPA) into your juice [need source]. I’m currently employing a Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank and while it’s far superior to my original starter (a ce4) it still leaves something to be desired.


Get the flavors that appear interesting to you.If they appear off once you get them they’ll need steeping. I personally haven’t tried the microwave or subsonic methods listed on this page but the consensus seems to be that aging you eliquid is that the best method so buy what you want/need before time but don’t go overboard. you will probably want to lower your nictonie levels later and you do not want to be cursed with a bunch of high nicotine bottles you are not getting to use.

Nicotine level:

This is arguably the foremost important a part of selecting your juice. Obviously the larger the mg/ml the more nicotine you’re getting but there is a bit more thereto . Higher nicotine levels tend to supply harsher throat hits which you’ll or might not want (I’m not really covering anything drip related but from what I can tell this statement goes double if you’re employing a drip). If you discover your juice is just too harsh you’ll try changing the way you draw your vapor, steeping your juice better and/or lowering the nicotine content of the juice.

Other notes:

Don’t be afraid to botch an atomizer head or two because they’re pretty cheap.

That said, if you’re doing any mods, like making your own coils, confirm you read abreast of everything thoroughly beforehand and always test the ohms of your coil before firing it. you do not want to magnify A battery .

One of the simplest mods you’ll do, with little worry is replace the wick (if you get a non-cotton wick) using cotton. Trust me, it makes an enormous difference. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and swap your wick for cotton immediately , I’ll wait.

If you were a smoker before you started vaping you’ll likely cough for the primary few days – every week . I did, and i am just getting over it. It’s nothing to stress about though, it is your body recovering from the time you were a smoker. to place it simply, the cilia (little hair-like… uh… hairs?) are slump with the tar that your body is kicking out. They’ll grow back but until they are doing your throat and lungs are going to be a touch more sensitive. i will be able to reiterate, this is often an honest thing.

Drink water.

Drink more water.

Go ahead and take another drink while you’re at it. Vaping dehydrates you so you’ll be wanting to approximately double your water intake. Vapor tasting funny? Drink some water. Getting a headache? Drink some (lots of) water (and lay off the vapor for a touch bit). Felling ill/lightheaded(and not nicotine buzz light headed)? Drink some water then drink some more and lay off the vape for a touch .

Don’t obsess over getting amazing clouds initially . I mean, obviously getting some big-ass smoke stack looking clouds feels really satisfying but begin slow, get wont to vaping and just enjoy it to start out . While your equipment affects your clouds, so does how you draw, the juice your using and multiple other factors so start out slow and work your high .

There really isn’t tons more that I can add at the instant as I’m still learning also but these are my observations from my experience over the course of every week and brushing this sub with a fine toothed comb.

If anyone has anything to feature I’ll gladly add it to the OP (seriously, leave a post here because albeit you do not think it’s OP worthy, i would like moar knowledge!) and I’ll add anything i feel of/come across as I figure it out.

Thanks for reading and happy vaping 🙂