E-Liquid is what ingredients

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In fact, the basic liquid of Vape E-Liquid mainly uses VG (glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) as solvents. E-Liquid using glycerin as a solvent has a larger amount of smoke than E-Liquid using propylene glycol as a solvent, but the taste is sweeter and the mouthfeel (Throat hit) is relatively poor. E-Liquid, which uses propylene glycol (PropyleneGlycol) as a solvent, is the mainstream product on the market. However, the recent market trend is that more and more customers are buying VG E-Liquid, gradually forming a situation where PG and VG are evenly divided.

In addition to the taste, the specific gravity of VG (about 1.26) is larger than that of PG (about 1.04), so pure VG E-Liquid of the same capacity is about 20% heavier than pure PG E-Liquid. In the actual blending process, PG and VG are mixed in a certain proportion as the solvent of TobaccoE-Liquid, so that the advantages of the two solvents can be taken into account, and the effect of both the amount of smoke and the taste can be achieved.

People who have used Vape may find that Salt Nic E-Liquid has large and small bottles. Large bottles are 1KG and 500G. Small bottles are 5ML, 10ML, 15ML, 20ML, 30ML, 50ML. It depends on the needs of customers. Small bottles are except 50ML There is a screw cap on the outside, that is, a child proof bottle. The bottle body is affixed with a label, indicating the use of warnings, concentration, taste, etc.

Those who have used Vape will know that the amount of Vape’s atomization and the final element of the customer’s smoking experience are Fruite E-Liquid. Each E-Liquid has three elements: flavor, concentration and basic liquid. The concentration is indicated by MG, which represents this How much nicotine is in a milliliter of E-Liquid. For example, 18MG means that there is 18MG of nicotine in 1ML of E-Liquid. The specific concentration and taste of the choice need to be based on the smokers’ own preferences.