Features of the Aegis Boost Pod Mod – What You Should Know About This Item

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aegis boost pod mod

The new Vandy Vaportek AEGIS B series Pod Mod is one of many new vaporizer devices from the popular e-juice brand. The company is mainly known for their high-quality and flavor-loaded gum. The Geekvape aegis boost is a bit different than their other past pod-based products, however. It’s main unique feature is a built in electrical heating element.

The aegis boost pod mod has a built in thermal expansion unit built into the bottom of the device. When the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the heating element increases, the electronic components within the vaporizer start to get heated. This heating component can be adjusted in order to regulate your vaporizer’s temperature, so it will never get too hot or too cold. There is a built in adjustable airflow dial that allows you to adjust how much of the vapor produced flows out of the heating element.

This AEGIS boost pod mod utilizes a revolutionary new silicone material called Silicone Hydrogel. This material has the ability to insulate and cool the electronics within your vaporizer. The aegis boost thermal expansion unit utilizes a silicone ring as a heat sink. The silicone ring also provides a very smooth surface, which allows the airflow to be very smooth and even. The build quality of the silicone ring is very good, as it seems as though it could withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The aegis vaporizer utilizes a new technology that allows a more efficient and effective air flow through the AEGis Boost Pod Mod. This innovation allows for a more thorough vaporizing experience for the user. The Vandy Craze Vaporizer from AEG is very convenient and very easy to use. The heat range is excellent, and it is capable of providing a nice even heat distribution.

The AEGis boost pro comes with a sub-semble kit and a rechargeable battery. The aegis boost charger is a simple mod, consisting of a stainless steel spring-loaded cell and a silicone ring. This charger can be used on the aegis boost thermal expansion unit. The entire unit is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. The Vandy Craze vaporizer is a wonderful device that will satisfy both the casual smoker and the professional smoker.

One feature of the aegis boost pod mod that really makes this product worth having is the fact that you can increase the wattage up to a maximum of 3900 watts without decreasing the internal battery life. The internal battery life of the Vandy Craze Vaporizer surpasses many other electronic devices of similar wattage. When you are using a lot of wattage, you need to make sure that your internal battery life is able to keep up. When you use a device like this, you need to make sure that you are getting the most out of your dollar because you are investing a lot of power into a single device.

The aegis series also has a few extra features that will impress almost anyone who is looking for a product that is compact and simple to use. The first feature is a temperature sensor that gives a reading of the temperature of the room that you are in. If you are using a vaporizer and it is not working properly, you will be able to get a real accurate reading of the heat level of the room. Another cool feature of this vaporizer is the built in power indicator. Most vaporizers have a power indicator on them so that you know what power is needed to run the machine. The GeekVape aegis series does not but they have a small indicator on the side that is easy to find.

The aegis boost pod mod is truly a wonderful piece of equipment. It is compact, powerful, and will give you hours of unbelievable vaping. It allows you to use three different power levels, so if you are looking for a powerful unit that will last a long time, then this is a great choice. You can save a lot of money on the aegis battery when you use the vaporizer with this mod. You will have a lot of fun using this with the aegis battery coils.