How to maintain vape?

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1 Place

One reason for placing electronic vapor cigarettes should be observed. When there is e-liquid in the atomizer, the cigarette holder should be placed upward, and when there is no e-liquid, it is relatively casual, but it is best not to stand upside down to prevent the remaining e-liquid in the atomizer from being exposed Eleaf Vape System. In addition, if the electronic vapor cigarette is placed flat, it is easy to cause it to roll off the desktop, and even cause damage and use it. And keep away from open flames and high temperature places.

2 Battery maintenance

The maintenance of the battery is more important, because the battery of the electronic vapor cigarette is a main component. The battery should be charged after it is used up as much as possible. The battery should be fully charged once. Don’t cut off the power halfway. Remove the battery within half an hour after it is fully charged. Turn off the power when it is not used for a long time Eleaf-Istick-Pico. Generally, electronic vapor cigarettes are switched on and off for 5 times within 2 seconds; the single-port smoking time should not be too long to prevent the battery from overheating and affecting the battery life.

3 Atomizer

The core of the atomizer is the atomizing core, which is composed of a resistor, an oil guide rope and some accessories. The most likely problem with the atomizer is that the atomizer produces a burnt smell. The reason is that the resistance heating will burn the guide rope. Therefore, during use, pay attention to the remaining amount of smoke oil and do not dry it. The adjustable voltage engine room should adjust the voltage appropriately. Don’t pursue high voltage. It’s good to have a suitable taste Eleaf-Istick-Mix-Kit. If you want to smoke, you must pay attention to the e-liquid. Generally, when the remaining e-liquid is more than 2/3, it is not easy to cause burnt when using 5-6V voltage. Paste smell, slowly lower the voltage as the smoke oil decreases.


4 Some treatments for oil leakage and oil in the atomizer

Conventional atomizers generally have an air guide hole at the bottom to guide air. But after a long time, there will be a little smoke oil (but it will not leak to the fuselage, and it will not be felt outside). This is normal. It is recommended to separate the battery and the atomizer every time you add the smoke oil and wipe it with a paper towel. Generally, add smoke oil about once a day and rub it once a day.

There are two main reasons for oil leakage in the atomizer:

One is that there is oil in the place where the cigarette holder is in contact with the mouth. The reason may be that the oil was added to the cigarette outlet by mistake, just wipe it with a paper towel;

Second, the smoke has oil but there is no oil at the cigarette holder. Wipe down the atomizing core and use a paper towel to make a thin strip and extend it into the smoke hole to suck up the smoke oil.

Electronic vapor cigarettes are also a kind of cigarettes. They are a good substitute for cigarettes in the future. Electronic vapor cigarettes have some functions to replace cigarettes. Depending on the individual, you can consider using it. It can bring some help to friends who quit smoking, but after all, the key to quitting smoking lies in personal will.