How to prolong the life of Vape atomizer?

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How to use the Vape atomizer to extend the life? The atomizer also needs “maintenance” during daily use, such as how to remove the smoke oil smell in the atomizer? How to clean the atomizer? What issues need to be paid attention to? Today The editor will share with you how to clean and maintain the atomizer.

How to clean the Vape atomizer?

The atomizer is a metal component. If used irregularly for a long time, and not paying attention to details, it will cause the screws to be scrapped, the threads are scratched, the oil leakage is scrapped, and the insulation pad is deformed. How can we extend the life span of use?

A. We must pay attention to the production of atomization core, and the lock wire is in place. Remember not to screw it.

B. The threading of the atomizer interface often occurs during the installation process, so we must pay attention to the installation of the thread not to use brute force to install it. It must be backed half a turn, and the thread is connected before screwing in.

C. The oil leakage of the atomizer is the main reason why we abandon the atomizer Steam Crave. Before confirming the scrapped atomizer, please do the atomizer core again to confirm whether it is the structure of the atomizer itself, and then focus on the rubber ring The tightness is checked.

How to clean the Vape atomizer? How to clean the atomizer usually?

There are many ways to clean the atomizer, such as alcohol, water, ultrasonic cleaning machine and so on. Today I will share common personal cleaning methods and preparations: baking soda, a bowl of clean water, a tweezers, a cleaning towel or some dust-free paper.

A. Decompose the atomizer. The atomizer can be divided into three parts: base, oil tank, and base. After disassembling the atomizer, all the aprons are removed. If you are afraid of not remembering the placement of the aprons, please follow the disassembly sequence to place the aprons, but be careful not to remove the small parts as much as possible timesvape. Things happen from time to time.

B. Stir evenly with 1:20 baking soda and cold (warm) water. Soak the atomizer with the rubber ring removed into the water, and the water will turn pale yellow after 10 minutes. At this time, you can stir a little to remove impurities in the atomizer. Use tweezers to remove it into another cup.

C. Rinse with clean water, wipe off the water on the atomizer with a dry cloth or paper towel, or dry it.

Note: Baking soda can remove the smell and impurities of smoke oil in the atomizer, and pure water cleaning cannot completely remove the smell of smoke oil.

How to clean the Vape atomizer? How to use the atomizer to extend the life? The atomizer is a mechanical metal product OBS. As long as we learn to maintain it, you will find that the atomizer is “disc”ed by you. So as time increases, there will be “traces” of years on the atomizer, which is very interesting. That’s all for today’s sharing.