People who use vape increase the likelihood of smoking

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A new study in Australia says that among young people who have never smoked traditional cigarettes Thunderhead Creations, those who are smoking Vape are more likely to try traditional cigarettes. The researchers thereforeAspire Nautilus called for the supervision of Vape to pay attention to protecting young people.

New Australian study: People who have smoked Vape increase the likelihood of smoking Dreamer Mods

Researchers from Curtin University and other institutions in Australia reported in the new issue of “International Journal of Drug Policy” that they used Ijoy Shogun questionnaires to survey 519 Australians who had never smoked traditional cigarettes and were aged between 18 and 25. Young people, the survey content includes these young people‚Äôs Vape smoking and their intention to smoke traditional cigarettes.

The results show that 20% of the respondents have tried Vape; 60% of the respondents who are currently using Vivismoke Gentle Vape said they may or will definitely try traditional cigarettes in the future.

The researchers pointed out that young Australians who have smoked Vape are more likely to start smoking traditional cigarettes than people who have never smoked Vape. Analysis shows that even if only two or three puffs of Vape are tried, WOTOFO RDA it may increase the likelihood that young Australians will start smoking traditional cigarettes.

The first author of the study, Dr. Michel Junenris of Curtin University, said that some YOOZ Vape Pod System Vape supporters believe that the regulation of Vape should be relaxed, but this study shows that when formulating public health policies, it is still necessary Pay attention to protecting minors and young people from related hazards. In addition, although Vape is less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes, it still contains a lot of harmful substances and should be avoided as much as possible.