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Vapeciga airistech herbvat is perfect AIRISTECH one last maker of the popular AIRISTECH vaporizer kit. AIO is a Tigon I will review soon. They have existed for a long time and have made great mods, tanks and nails that have a pretty good track record as a whole. Is a simple smooth rounded rectangular shape with an unbalanced load Pod AIO and take the 18650. basically sucks box version billet popular and expensive .. It is available in 4 colors black slate, lava flow, psychedelic blue and Valle looking around saw online for pre-order Chinese only $ 50.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Mag + resin: Material
Color: black shale, lava flows, psychedelic, valley
High powered by batteries 18650 (sold separately)
power 1-80W
Operating modes: watt switching voltage
rapid charging system 2A
integrated LCD
magnetic board safe and secure
Type C port fast charging
Charging Pod
the practical side of designing the E-juice rechargeable plug with silicone
supports the Tigon series series Nautilus coils and coils
510 Council resin dripped included
highlight reel
Too many to list serious
compatible with all Tigon coils (2nd choice)
compatible with Nautilus and Nautilus type coil (30 + selection)
Included in the box:
1 Pod AIRISTECH system
1 AIRISTECH recharge Pod
A roller sequence
Coil 1 Tigon 0.4ohm
Coil 1 Tigon 1.2ohm
1.8ohm 1 Nautilus BVC Coil
1 Nautilus 2S Mesh Coil 0.7ohm (pre-installed)
1 Type-C Cable
User Guide 1

mod Tour
It is the style of the rectangle around the AIO (all in one) Pod kit, meaning that no mod or a separate tank that can be used with other things. cloves replacing parts, but are sold separately and replaced coils and reusable pods as Breeze 2, Nautilus AIO or north. intelligent design is not a single daily dose system. It was designed as a box of 18 650 tickets with replaceable battery, fully customizable display and output of 1-80 watts. coil support and coil Tigon Nautilus through the adapter. In the absence of adjustable air coil Nautilus via an adapter. excellent design flexibility and spray DTL MTL limited to low power coils used depends on the air and adjustments. A is great, one of the largest ever seen a generous capacity of 4.2 ml in the pod system. It has an integrated USB charger (USB C) 2A with the registered user level. I checked with the line USB meters and the level of charges at most 1.26A good overall, but in the specifications. This is not a burden 2A ding if I’m there. It is also equipped with an advanced resin drops 510 and can use your account, but nice and in accordance with very nice resin panel.

Although constructed from transparent and lightweight. Chatting wise I a valley that is matte with lighter colored resin panels green olives ish bronze, black and blue. You are looking for a camera and a color scheme that’s great. There is no point in painting too. The door panels are opposite sides of the magnetic resin. The door snaps into place without play. This is how the battery and platform / coil turns and also up and down to adjust watts.The pods are attached to the internal device by springs. You just pop-up as the airistech nokiva show new. To replace the rollers only appear and maintained by the O-ring and screw in the north not the wind 2. deprives the basket and pull the coil from the bottom to replace .

fill pretty basic. Just a simple and fresh rubber stopper was on the side so you do not have to remove some or charging station, like most. You just pop open the rubber plug and fill.

The usage is quite simple. Has three buttons, 2 is the setting and below the battery cover and the other is the trigger on the side panel of the resin. Click fire 5 times to lock or unlock the device. Simple and basic. pod is located inside the battery, but no damage important on one side and the vehicle itself so clearly that a juice box very well, but a bit hard to see because the court has played very Otus thin and the other side is blocked by the rear panel shell resin. I wish more people in the window of juice.

performance and details of the coil
AIRISTECH Breeze Pod Kit comes with 1 case NXT, but four large coils. All kits should always be at the least 2 coils / pods. This kit comes with a double coil shape to begin with. There are so many options for this device because it uses coils and coils Tigon Nautilus. Nautilus and many other media reel. I used a lot of options in the past in person and discussed the Tigon Tigon kit and tank several times and even new Tigon AIO. Tigon very brief good vibes. Nautilus reel’m most Vapers have an opportunity at some point and familiar. Here’s a quick despite four included.

Nautilus 25 mesh 0.7 ohms. I think it’s new. Ran 20 watts with 20 mg 50/50 nic salt flavor and great for the sheath of the coil. I vaped four full tank so that about 17 ml and again if life was good.

Nautilus 1.8 Ohm coils. I use 10 watts with 20-25mg 50/50 nic salt. the taste was acceptable. Not with others. And only lasts a lifetime is not good 6ML

Tigon 1.2 ohm coils. 20-25mg use NIG 50/50 salt. The good taste. better than previous nautilus 1.8 ohms. I found four tanks of about 17 ml and therefore was still good if the good life and good overall coil

TIGON coils 0.4 Ohm. I found three tanks juices 3 70/30 mg to 25 watts. It works well, but does not provide nicotine, but I personally have individual tolerance. The flavor was good. Then I met IAS 1 salt deposit 20 mg 50/50 to 22 watts. This works fine too. Overall a nice new roll

Therefore, the Nautilus in general outer coil 1.8ohm plus 3 very good reel for the pod system and coil airistech vaporizer click in mainly just great, but the 0.7 ohm Nautilus net was quite large as well

color (4total)
5.4ml large capacity
construction quality larger battery
adjustable air (including Nautilus coil only)
the right size for easy transport
fast charging
costs fast enough (about 1 hour 20 minutes)
pods are easy to remove and install the coil say
Platform reusable (replacement single coil)
easy to fill
nice screen for the pod system
adjustable output
It takes 18,650
equipped with four rolls
clear teeth
a great taste for System monodosis
the high life of the coil and consistency
budget version of a good ticket bobbin case
various support coil
510 standard resin end dropwise
beautiful resin panel
good battery cover
The level of juice is hard to see
the level of excess fees
1.8 ohm coils are not good
So, with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like it so hard or not, but Leans very direction. outer coil 3 1.8 ohm many others. I use a couple of rolls and excellent Tigon pods. Not to mention that I’m sure most people have a style using Nautilus coil and the like before on other devices.Box tocho very popular and cost more than $ 200 relx pod get code to its version for a fraction of the price and really hit the spot. If you ever want tocho picture with this place. If you want a more advanced system of appropriation of a pod of them. I added to my CER below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.

It was Anthony fried keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I will take the next revision.

rejection of the products
This product was sent to me by AIRISTECH

comments disclaimer
Because of the differences may QC your experience may be different.

critical warning
I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user reviews. I like attendance and contribution to society vapers great vaporizer forums. Not “unusual” reviewer. I do my best to be full at all times and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

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