Vape is significantly less addictive than cigarettes

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Recently, the National Institutes of Health released a Vape addiction research report on its official website: “A Comparison of Vape and Cigarette Dependence-A Horizontal Study of American Adults” IJOY Vape,, which pointed out that the addiction of electronics is significantly lower than that of cigarettes.

This research was led by scholars from the Pinney Society of the University of Pittsburgh, and seniors from the Medical University of South Carolina, RAND Corporation, IJOY Captain Tank and Johns Hopkins University all gave suggestions for the research.

They conducted a large-scale sampling, grouped “pure Vape smokers”, “pure cigarette smokers”, and “dual smokers” who used both Vape and cigarettes, and observed and IJOY Shogun Mod compared their conditions during the quitting period.

The results of the study show that: “dual smokers” are significantly less dependent on Vape than cigarettes. In addition, comparing “pure electronic smokers” and “pure cigarette smokers”, “pure Vape smokers” are significantly easier to get rid of the addiction IJOY Diamond, .

“Vape is always less addictive than cigarettes.” The conclusion of this research report shows partly.

The research report also pointed out: As a device for delivering nicotine, it is normal for Vape to have a certain degree of dependence. The health authorities have made it clear that the hazards of smoking are not caused by nicotine or nicotine salts, but because when cigarettes are burned, the smoke contains a lot of toxic substances , and smokers often expose themselves.

Among these toxic substances.

From the perspective of harm reduction, if Vape succeeds in replacing cigarettes and reducing the user’s health risks, then a certain degree of dependence may be necessary. Coil IJOY Jupiter People transfer their interest in cigarettes to Vape, so that cigarette smokers gradually turn into Vape smokers.

Studies have observed that most people who have a high degree of dependence on Vape have just switched from cigarettes to Vape, which is a “dependency shift”. When they use Vape more frequently and in larger amounts, IJOY Mesh Tank they are more likely to successfully switch from Vape. The transition from cigarettes to Vape. Although they used Vape frequently at this time, their madness was still lower than that of cigarette smokers Eleaf Vape  .

“Vape is less addictive than cigarettes, which means that if smokers transition from cigarettes to Yooz Vape , their dependence on nicotine will be reduced, and at the same time, health risks will also be reduced. This also further shows that smokers switch to Vape Later, they will find that it will be easier for them to quit Vape altogether if they want to Asmodus Vape Tank .”