What Are The Features Of The Vapx Geyser S Mini Air Purifier?

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VapX Geyser S offers a refined and smaller look, ergonomic body design, comfortable to hold on the hand, and maintains excellent functionality. Above the head area is an intuitive raised-handle fire button, beneath it is a tiny color screen and two function buttons, next to it are a type-c jack and power port. The top is finished in a textured black rubberized skin with a soft grip. On the rear is an adjustable air hose with an included air pump. Below the body is a silicone seal and recessed silicone grip, on the left side there is a chamber for an SD card, and on the right a built-in power port.


The innovative vapx geyser consists of two pieces that fit together with the help of a clip. These two halves are then placed in a metal reusable body pouch. A unique feature of this product is that it has dual batteries, one is for the warm/pressurize/puff fire, the second is for the cool/pressurize/deluxe fire. This is what makes it different from similar products in that you can adjust the temperature of the warm/pressurize fire and reduce it to a low speed to save battery power. This is in addition to the ergonomically designed side buttons and power ports.


The vapx geyser has a unique built-in pump that allows it to be used with any type and size of devices. It is made out of durable stainless steel with a leak proof cap. On the other hand, the cooling fan is made out of a durable nylon with an adjustable flap so you can get the best possible airflow control. It also has an easy to clean face plate and a lifetime warranty.


The vapx geyser has two major advantages over its competitors; first, it has a self-contained heating element, which means there is no need for any external elements such as a battery or a heating element cart. It also has an integrated fan, which ensures the air circulation is comfortable for you. The built-in battery has a long charging time of two hours. You will not need to change the battery very often, which is great if you plan on using it a lot.


The vapx geyser s has a unique pod system kit that can increase the output power of the device. This is possible because the temperature of the e-juice that you use is measured before you put the pod inside, which enables you to set the output power to suit your needs. The unit also uses dual 6500 wattage batteries so you can be able to enjoy the power at any time. If you choose to purchase a unit with a lower output power, then you can still enjoy the same convenience of enjoying incredible vapor flavor without worrying about power.


Although the unit uses dual high-voltage powerbodies, it features a pod kit that can help increase the overall efficiency of the device. The most noticeable difference between the vapx geyser s and other similar units is the unique slide-in design of the heating unit. This feature helps to prevent hot air from being trapped within the glass when it is heated, which allows the vapors to be released easily.


Another distinctive feature of the vapx geyser s is its zinc alloy construction. This particular construction helps to reduce the amount of heating and cooling that takes place, as well as providing a greater degree of durability. Another reason the zinc alloy is used for the body of the product is due to the fact that it will not rust, peel, or crack in any way. Although some people may question the durability of a glass container as opposed to a metal container, the durability of the zinc alloyed body is beyond many people’s expectations. It can withstand extremely hot temperatures, as well as withstand shocks and vibrations.


If you are interested in purchasing this unit, then you can find many great deals on the internet. The most common version that is sold on the market today features a stainless steel body and a black heating element. The unit is also available in a more expensive model that features a black exterior as well as a large stainless steel body. If you are looking for a unit that features a large amount of heating power and vaporization, then you should definitely take a look at the vapx geyser s model 10 single air mesh. This particular unit is one of the most popular products for medical use due to the high level of efficiency that it offers.