What do you like electronic cigarette flavors?

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What kind of electronic cigarette do you like? When choosing an electronic atomizer, vaper considers not only the appearance and quality of the product, but also an important factor is taste.

An e-cigarette, good smoking is of course a necessary condition! However, “good smoking” already carries a certain amount of subjective judgment, just like reading, there are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Electronic cigarette taste as well. Everyone’s “acceptance degree” is different, there are those who pursue a sense of throat attack, have a preference for authentic taste, some prefer cold and cool, and some prefer high detoxification, etc.

Early electronic atomizers had a relatively simple taste, mainly based on plain tobacco and fresh mint. With the passage of time, more and more flavors began to appear on the market gradually, and the vaper also ushered in a carnival feast of flavors. At present, the mainstream flavors on the market include traditional tobacco flavor, cool mint flavor, and various fruit flavors, such as lychee flavor, peach flavor, watermelon flavor, lemon flavor and so on.

However, no matter how varied the taste of the electronic atomizer is, the classic and explosive (flavor) “Jianghu status” is still stable. If the new star Houlang (flavor) wants to compete, it needs to work hard with the vaper…

Fruit flavored electronic cigarettes

What flavor of e-cigarette is easy to smoke? Classic flavor

The deserved overlord of the electronic atomizer taste, almost every brand will have this taste, and its existence bears the memory of a generation of vaper. The taste of tobacco is relatively high, and the mouth will not leave the mouth, which will not cause strong stimulation to the human body. At the same time, the degree of addiction is high. Two to three mouths can bring pleasure to the middle-aged smokers. Therefore, even in the face of a flurry of tastes, it is always invincible.

Taste experience: The entrance has a slight tobacco smell, which is not strong and makes people feel very gentle, but it has a strong throat sensation and is very addictive. After exhaling, there is a hint of sweetness in the mouth, and the aftertaste is endless.

Suitable for the crowd: a vaper with a certain smoke age can not only experience the satisfaction brought by tobacco, but also enjoy the fun brought by smoke.

What flavor of e-cigarette is easy to smoke? Icy Mint

The Wanjin oil in the electronic atomizer can not only contain and help all kinds of aroma and flavor of cigarette oil, but also the base of all other flavors, so no matter how many taste iterations it has, it still has strong vitality.

Taste experience: The entrance is very smooth, the refreshing feeling brought by the mint taste is very enjoyable, and the refreshing feeling of the mint left on the tongue in the later period is more durable. Its mint aroma comes from the addition of menthol, which conceals the heavy astringency of the cigarette itself. The taste is mellow and the aftertaste is clean, not greasy or light.

Suitable for the crowd: either female or male vaper, the first choice for beginners, spring for mint lovers.

What flavor of e-cigarette is easy to smoke? Extreme Ice Mung Bean

Some people may question the popularity of TOP in electronic atomizers. The ordinary green beans are so attractive, but the actual sales volume is the best reason to block the doubts.

Taste experience: like the taste of childhood, the entrance is cool and pleasant, as if the green bean paste in the summer in memory, with a single sip, the heat of the whole body can be instantly retreated.

Suitable for the crowd: vaper beginners and vaper lovers who like green bean paste

What flavor of e-cigarette is easy to smoke? Watermelon ice

It is said that the summer without watermelon is incomplete, so JVE is not new to me when the summer arrives, and the watermelon ice-flavored atomizer allows the vaper to spend the summer without regret.

Taste experience: similar to the product of the combination of watermelon bubble gum and watermelon drink, sweet and greasy is its style. The ice-cold watermelon juice’s ice-cold feeling and watermelon’s fragrance can be restored, refreshing and pleasant.

Suitable for the crowd: young vaper who likes icy/watermelon flavor

What flavor of e-cigarette is easy to smoke? A popular taste, in addition to the traditional extraction process, mainly relies on the proportion of different ingredients of the perfumer to “create”. Different combinations can make the fragrance display subtle, or unrestrained, or want to cover up, and let the fragrance show a kaleidoscopic posture.