Why Did The US Outbreak Of Vape Disease Last Year?

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According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of 17:32 on the 12th Eastern Time, there were 1,366,350 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the United States and 82,105 deaths YOOZ Vape. The White House, which has a very high safety factor, has also been “conquered” by the epidemic. The number of confirmed cases of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States and the wide range of transmission make one have to question how long the epidemic has spread in the United States?

   It is worth noting that shortly after the US military’s Fort Detrick biological base was closed in July last year, an inexplicable “Vape disease” broke out in the nearby area. The clinical symptoms of patients with this disease were very similar to those of patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Recently, there have been more and more doubts in the United States and internationally, demanding that the US government announce the real reasons for closing the Fort Detrick Biological Base, and investigate the closure of the Fort Detrick Biological Base and the “Vape Disease” and the pandemic. And the relationship between new coronary pneumonia.

   The cause of the “Vape disease” outbreak in the United States is a mystery

   In August 2019, there was a sudden outbreak of “Vape disease” in the United States, and the number of confirmed cases peaked in September. As of February 18, 2020 Eleaf Vape, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a total of 2,807 cases of Vape or nebulized products-related lung injury (EVALI), of which 68 have died. However, the cause of the EVALI outbreak has not been clearly announced by the CDC so far. It only stated that “Laboratory data shows that the vitamin E acetate used in the THC product Vape is closely related to the outbreak; however, it is currently difficult to rule out other chemicals. The impact of the product.”

   According to the New York Times report in August last year, patients with “Vape disease” usually suffer from severe shortness of breath, chest pain, vomiting, fever, and fatigue. Some patients need to be treated with ventilator in the intensive care unit Timesvape Dreamer Mod. According to the report, the outbreak of Vape lung disease is “becoming an epidemic” and plagues doctors and public health experts.

   After the emergence of Vape lung disease, the US Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, state and local health departments and other agencies have been investigating the cause of the disease. Investigators are trying to determine whether a certain toxin or substance has sneaked into the supply of Vape products, and whether someone has reused Vape boxes containing contaminants.

In January of this year, the CDC released data showing that of the 2022 patients hospitalized for Vape lung disease treatment, 82% of patients reported using products containing THC, and 33% of patients reported using only THC ProductsAsmodus Vape Tc Mod; 57% of patients reported using products containing nicotine, and 14% of patients reported using only products containing nicotine. This means that not all confirmed cases are related to THC, and the CDC believes that the substance may have caused an outbreak of Vape lung disease.

  American media: Vape will be sold in 2007

   There has never been a similar case before

   In September 2019, a doctor who had treated Vape lung disease patients said in an interview with CBS that no other cause of the disease has been found, but it happened that the patients all smoked Vape.

   In November 2019, CNN reported a suspected death from Vape lung disease. Two months after the patient’s death, Maria was still unable to determine whether the cause of death was related to Vape. CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta said during the connection that the United States began selling Vape in 2007, and there has never been a similar mysterious lung disease case beforeIJOY Vape Kits, and the relationship between the two is still worth exploring.

   Gupta also said that many cases seem to be related to Vape containing THC. But THC is an illegal substance in some states. Why are Vape lung disease patients in these states?

   “Vape disease” damages the lungs like biochemical weapons

   In October 2019, the Mayo Clinic in the United States studied the lung tissue samples of 17 patients and found that the damage was similar to the result of exposure to toxic chemicals.

Brandon Larson, a surgical pathologist at the Mayo Clinic, said, “The 17 cases we studied all had lung injuries, which were like direct chemical damage Vaping Shop, similar to exposure to toxic chemical fumes, toxic gases, and toxic fumes. The situation may be seen in the case of substances. In fact, the patients look like workers who have been unfortunate in industrial accidents. After a large bucket of toxic chemicals leaked, the whole person was exposed to toxic gases, and there were chemical substances burning in the respiratory tract. “

   Larson also said that these lung injuries also look like those exposed to toxic substances such as mustard gas (a chemical weapon used in World War I). Research on Vape-related lung injury is still in its early stages, and these findings should be treated with caution IJOY Captain 2 Mod 180W.

   The relationship between “Vape disease” and the closure of Fort Detrick’s biological base IJOY Mod, the pandemic, and the new crown pneumonia still needs an explanation from the United States to the public.