Why Vape is strictly limited in the world

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Recently, vape encountered severe restrictions worldwide.

On November 1, there was a document requires all types of market entities should VAPE not sell to minors to include platforms vape e-commerce stores in time and remove Vape products in time press. Then all major platforms eCommerce vape products are removed.

The restriction of the United States to China before. On September 12 2019 THE White House has announced that, due to the increase IJOY vape the number of students from secondary schools schools that have prevented vape, it is the use of flavored vape except for tobacco containing products flavor. On November 16, Apple announced the removal of all applications related to vape from the mobile application store.

A few days later, the Indian cabinet approved an emergency to the manufacture, import and sale ban vape.

So far, more than 20 countries IJOY Mercury vape Pod system, particularly in South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, have banned the sale of products Vape. The anti-smoking laws in Thailand are the highest, while Australia, Canada and Norway have introduced many restrictions.

Maybe too many people see after the news of the ban vape, I want to know why a storm vape limitations are there in the world. Because at the beginning of his birth, mainly VAPE the public image of the harm reduction appeared, and it seems that the benefits of the product for the company either. So what’s wrong with Timesvape Vape Mod? These are the questions I have homework.

First, what do I know, vape less harmful than cigarettes? If a person cigarette VAPE on, the damage will be reduced for health?

The answer to this question is relatively clear. From the perspective of the size of the risk is less harmful than cigarette vape IJOY Mystic Tank, actually. Contrary to the understanding of most people from harmful cigarettes, most harmful substance in cigarettes is nicotine, but tar.

According to data from the National Cancer Institute, tobacco smoke more than 7,000 chemicals, many of which are included in the product smoking tar contains IJOY Neptune. 250 chemicals including carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide can cause damage and smokers to use those exposed to the smoke of which 69 are carcinogenic.

Of course, nicotine is not a good thing. In addition to being addictive, nicotine can also cause birth defects in infants and increases the risk of type II diabetes. However, research shows that existing compared to tar damage IJOY captain Mod 2, the damage of nicotine on the human body is insignificant.

Therefore, on the cigarette, the most obvious indicator is the tar. More tar content, returns more flavor “smoke”, and vice versa.

Vape smoke contains no tar IJOY captain. Therefore, compared to cigarettes containing tar, the risk is reduced for health effects. But keep in mind that the reduction is reduced, but the risk to vape health is still low.

The American Psychological Association has noted that many particles contained in the vape different amounts of toxic chemicals that are linked to heart related diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer. According to a report in 2015 CBS mark by Peyton, chemistry professor at Portland State University, YooZ Vape showed that high voltage liberate Vape compounds containing formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is defined carcinogen by the International Society on cancer.

In addition, some fluid Vape contain diacetyl. Diacetyl popcorn can cause lung disease “bronchiolitis obliterans. “In December announced the scientific name in 2015, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health that they had found evidence that people who regularly Eleaf seasoned VAPE lung cancer increased risk of popcorn used.

be starting again renovated in 2019 the reasons for vape in the US market, a new threat has emerged, which is a fatal lung injury. This name was