6 significant benefits of vape over traditional cigarettes

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Although increased awareness of the many health hazards of traditional cigarettes, statistics show that about 40 million adults in the United States still smoke. Cancer facts and figures in 2014; and the United States Director of Health Report in 2014; In the United States, tobacco use is responsible for nearly 15 deaths; this equates to […]

How to maintain vape?

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1 Place One reason for placing electronic vapor cigarettes should be observed. When there is e-liquid in the atomizer, the cigarette holder should be placed upward, and when there is no e-liquid, it is relatively casual, but it is best not to stand upside down to prevent the remaining e-liquid in the atomizer from being […]

How to maintain e-cigarettes to extend the use time?

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How to maintain e-cigarettes to extend the service life? Nevertheless, e-cigarettes have always been the main focus of overseas markets. However, as more and more e-cigarette brands compete for the domestic market, e-cigarettes are gradually understood and recognized by domestic smokers. However, even so, many smokers still do not know how to maintain e-cigarette products […]

Vape Brand Introduction – Eleaf

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Eleaf was founded in Shenzhen in 2011 and quickly became a world-renowned electronic cigarette brand. For a long time, Eleaf has been committed to developing innovative technologies and products to meet the rapidly growing market demand. High-quality products and thoughtful customer service have established Eleaf’s more global reputation for excellence. Through years of market research, […]

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 TC Mod Kit with Ello Tank 100W 4ml No Battery Edition

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DescriptionAs the title said, Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 TC Mod Kit No Battery Edition, it asks you to complete the device with single 21700 or 18650 battery to enforce a smooth vaping with strong power up to 100W and 3 customized working modes, flexible in adjusting the power, voltage and temperature in a wide range, bound to […]