Is the GeekVape Pod Mod Kit the Ultimate Kit?

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The new rage in vapor products is the geekvape. With an array of unique features, this brand promises to be a hit in the electronic marketplace. The most striking feature of the geekvape Odisk Pro is its long lasting battery. Users can expect more than eight hours of optimal use from the power adapter.


The geekvape obelisk 60w kit is a small, easy to carry all-in-one unit with ultra long battery life. This sleek palm-fit hold vaporizer features a two thousand mAh battery, smart Eco-tech Power-supply chip, and top airflow system. While it is smaller than some competing products, the battery life is still longer.


Other features of the geekvape obelisk60w include an advanced digital LED display, dual battery capability, and two interchangeable feet. Users can also upgrade to a powerful dual-use temperature control and noise cancelling microphone. In addition, the temperature control can be adjusted with a simple touch of a button. For ease of use, there is also a built-in power indicator. The built-in card reader, along with the wireless earpiece adapter, allow quick and simple transfer of data between the computer and the unit.


While there are similar products available by other companies, none compare to the performance of the geekvape Odisk Pro. Many other products include a single USB charging port and include only a single cell Li-Ion battery. The Odisk Pro, on the other hand, includes a charging port and multiple batteries. It is powered by two high-power Aries batteries which provide the required power for an entire day’s work. There is also a battery shield that provides extra protection for the device.


Like the previous model, the Odisk Pro utilizes the Smart Vaporizer Technology to produce vapors that are flavored using your own customized blend of e-juices. When you attach the included battery pack to your ODF, you are ready to enjoy your customized flavor without having to use a bag or carry an additional bottle. The built-in dual-axis airflow system channels the vapor into the back of the throat where it is quickly inhaled and digested. This is the fastest way to get a satisfying hit of vapor for your flavorful e-liquid beverages.


The new flavor options available with this product are Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, Chai, Lemon Zest, and Cranberry. Some of these flavors are only available in the new type-c battery that this kit comes with. If you would prefer to use the standard type-c battery but would like to have additional flavoring options, then you can add extra batteries by purchasing the additional Gel Bottle or Smart Lipo battery from Geekvape. Both types are extremely small and will fit easily on any type of pocket or pen.


If you are interested in increasing the intensity of the vapor produced by your device, then the Geekvape Pod System might be for you. The specially designed silicone heat-proof pods are very easy to use and will increase the temperature of your current e-liquid beverages while allowing you to take on a much longer-lasting nicotine delivery. This allows you to change up your style of vaping every so often. These heat-proof pods are compatible with the included USB connector and will not interfere with your battery life in any way. You can also purchase additional gel cartridges to increase your nicotine delivery if you desire.


The Geekvape Pod Mod Kit is made to be one of the easiest ways to upgrade your vapor production. With its simple two-step process you can increase the amount of vapor produced and improve the quality of your beverages. If you are looking for a simple upgrade to your existing e-liquid formula, then this is definitely one of the best kits available. Its convenience and functionality make it a must-have for any vaper who wants to improve his or her vapor production without a hassle. Its easy-to-use interface and high compatibility with most batteries make this kit the best choice if you want to upgrade your entire system.

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