Beginner vaping tips from a beginner vaper

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I’ll preface this with I’m a beginner myself, been at it a couple of week now but I felt like posting a few things I’ve learned along the way. If anyone wants to contradict me fuck off. Just kidding, be happy to form your own points as I and the other new vapers, are very likely looking forward to hearing tips from […]

Eleaf electronic cigarette and real smoke which great harm?

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Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to human health, but some smokers realize that smoking is harmful to human health, so they will all use electronic cigarettes instead. Because they think e-cigarettes may be less harmful than traditional cigarettes, people who smoke are instead smoking e-cigarettes. Eleaf e-cigarettes are electronic cigarette brands that many people […]

You should try these vape products

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Aspire Nautilus BVC Cartomizer This is the second revision of the ever popular Aspire Nautilus Tank Kit with a whopping 5ml capacity. While this tank is an older design, it set the bar and continues to amaze its users due to the amazing flavor on a tank design for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.  It features a […]

Talk about the E-cigarette Brands I have known

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Just like any other industry out there, the world of vaping has a handful of leading brands that really stand out from the rest. Thanks to the innovative spirit of the vape community, the industry is lucky to have more than just a few great brands – in fact,In my thoughts, I already have my […]